Michael Curtis

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Michael Curtis is the founder of ConfiDance. He is a professional ballroom and country dancer, choreographer, and certified instructor based out of Ohio with 20 years of dance and performance experience. He is registered as a certified instructor with the National Dance Council of America and Dance Vision International Dance. He is always expanding his knowledge in matters of dance and student development. This has led to several achievements, including:

Created the Performance-Level Dance Method
Founded the Ohio Ballroom Teacher Training Program
Former Coach of Dancesport at the Ohio State University

His teaching style is as a hybrid of Demonstrator and Lecturer, which embraces a coaching-style method of teaching. He excels at teaching movement concepts with physical demonstration for those that learn by doing, but is also versed enough to verbally explain the technical aspects to the more analytical mind. Through experience, self-study, and usage of experts, he applies non-dance subject matter that would contribute to the overall success of a client such as nutrition, fitness, performance technique, and psychology of performance anxiety. He exhausts every resource to ensure the success and realization of a client’s goals.